Group offers lease to futuristic home along Lake Michigan

Published 02-23-2019

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BEVERLY SHORES, Ind. (AP) - A preservation group is offering a lease for a futuristic home along Lake Michigan that was featured at Chicago's 1933 World's Fair.

Indiana Landmarks says any party willing to restore the famed House of Tomorrow will be offered a 50-year lease to the residence in a partnership with the Indiana Dunes National Park.

The unique home near Beverly Shores, Indiana, on the lake's southern tip needs nearly $3 million in work to preserve and repair its unusual architecture.

The home debuted at the 1933 World's Fair and was among the first residential buildings to employ a glass curtain-wall structure.

After the Chicago fair closed, it was one of five "Century of Progress" homes moved by barge and truck to an Indiana plot that's now part of the national park.

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