New York's Nutella Cafe Is Hazelnut Heaven

Published 02-08-2019

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Full disclosure: I love Nutella. I mean like love it, wish-I-could-take-a bath-in-it love it. So when my 14-year-old son and I walked past the Nutella Cafe at 116 University Place in New York City, it sucked me in like a vacuum.

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We were actually headed to lunch at an upscale restaurant around the corner, but the siren song of sweet chocolate spread and hazelnuts called out and we immediately ditched the fancy place. As I posted on Instagram, this is where my New Year's resolution to lose weight and give up sugar came to die.

If you are on the fence about the creamy Italian spread, or God forbid are allergic to nuts, you already know this isn't the place for you. But for fans, it will be tough to choose just one thing off the menu, so bring friends and plan on sharing.

Opened in November 2018, this is Nutella's second cafe venture in the US (the first one is in Chicago).

The decor is bright and cheery with yellow flower light fixtures. Even the front door is shaped like a Nutella jar. There are jars of Nutella for sale all over the place and other merchandise, but the clear star is the menu.

Despite the fact that it was freezing outside, my son ordered a gelato shake with whipped Nutella cream on top. I was scolded when I asked to taste it a third time. I ordered a hot chocolate with Nutella whipped cream on top and banana bread with sliced bananas and hazelnuts drizzled with Nutella. It was just as good as it sounds.

Sorry… I drifted off for a moment reliving that first delicious taste.

There's a gelato bar, the usual selection of coffee house selections like lattes and espresso (seriously though, if you come here and just have coffee, you need to re-examine your life choices). There's also a create-your-own menu which allows you to mix and match pancakes, crêpes, waffles, French toast, and more with fruit and other toppings and, of course, Nutella.

My son and I have already made plans to return to try the frozen Nutella pop when the weather is a bit warmer.

It's in fact a really fun place to come with kids. Next time the nieces and nephews come to visit, sugar them up at the decadent Nutella Cafe before unleashing them back on the parents. It's the easiest way to become the favorite family member - with the kids, at least. And if you don't live anywhere near New York, you can always feed your craving by visiting the best chocolate shop in your state.

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