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In this Chicago Food Guide, we give you 20 typical Chicago dishes to try as you munch your way through the city. Chicago Food Planet's expert guide shares the principle: Eat in Chicago, which is what makes Chicago so great. With the help of our experts, you can't help but look at some of the best restaurants in Chicago through their new lens.

You will not only learn about some of Chicago's most innovative dishes, but also learn about the neighborhoods that sparked the gastronomic revolution in the city. While we haven't forgotten the heavy, weighty food giants that shaped the food history of Chicago, IL, we're coming to the chef - who has created new corners for food.

Whether you live in Chicago for a lifetime or just come to visit at the weekend, filling your face in one of these restaurants is the best thing you can do in Chicago. Whether you call Chicago home since childhood or are here for a weekend, you'll love what this restaurant brings to the table. From chicken to cheese smothered in green sauce, this is one of Chicago's dishes that's tailored to the sweet tooth. A Kinzie piece of 16 ounces, cut into 16 ounces, and a porterhouse of 48 ounces, served to four people, will satisfy the appetite of any carnivore.

It may not be a place with deep pockets, but this delicious food will force you to try it again if you have more time in Chicago. Then sign up for one of Chicago's most famous landmarks, where you can visit and dine at the most popular restaurants.

Like most Chicago sandwiches, Al's Italian beef specialty is a taste bomb: it is filled with roast beef cooked in a spicy broth to absorb the juice of the meat, and is baked. Portillo's serves beef stuffed in a steamed poppy seed bun topped with a generous dollop of hot sauce and a slice of white bread. Try one of the many delicious Chicago signature dishes on our Best Chow Food Tour. Go to Harold's for a standard fried chicken meal that includes cooked chicken on two slices of white bread with spicy hot sauces.

If your busy schedule means you only want to spend an afternoon in Chicago, a reservation for lunch at Revival Hall is enough to give you a lifetime experience at this place. This is one of 15 vendors that have been certified orally as the best neighborhood in Chicago. Make your Chicago visit a little sweeter by going to a Chicago restaurant where you have to wait a long time for your meal, like this one in South Loop. The restaurant does not work with reservations, so you may have to wait a little longer for a meal if the restaurant does not work with reservations.

There are a variety of other dishes and cocktails available at this place so you will have a wide choice. There is a list of places to eat in Chicago, from the best restaurants in the city to some of the most popular bars and restaurants.

Chicago Food Planet offers gift certificates to anyone in your life who is always hungry for an exciting experience. We support local, local producers and breweries to make this an extremely Chicago experience that we are happy to share with our Food Tour guests. Chicago's Mexican population is one of the largest in the country, and their cuisine is closely woven into the fabric of this food scene here. The cuisine can be just as diverse, with different cuisines from different countries, cultures and ethnicities from all corners of the world represented.

We tell our Chinatown Adventure Food Tour guests that there is an egg pudding you can't miss, and we are sure you will love St. Anna's. This treat is a treat for people who always leave the gate to the Westschleife and rave about the Westschleife.

We welcome our friends to this fine restaurant to serve them some of the best and most exquisite culinary experiences they will ever have. We also welcome this place in the western city, which opened this summer and gives you a reason to eat raclette cheese fondue every morning.

Since its humble start in 1999, this food has hosted some of the results from Chicago. Steak is more of a typical filling, but we love the chicken jibarito and we love it. This award-winning restaurant in the heart of Chicago's South Loop has been a favorite of Chicago meat and potato fans since the 1990s.

Since the opening, Alinea has redefined what fine cuisine can be, and now they have redefined edible green apple balloons that make themselves tasty. India House has been recognized by Chicago Magazine, which named its buffet Chicago's best Indian restaurant in 2009, and Zagat, which was named one of Chicago's top ten restaurants in 2004 and 2007 for its cuisine.

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