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The Chicago Bulls continue to put on one of the best shows in basketball, driven by the star players and the loyal fans who follow. On Tuesday night, the Chicago Bulls played their first game since former bull Joakim Noah returned to the United Center for the first time since his return from the New York Knicks.

Chicago sports fans have access to the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls basketball team, but it is also home to an NCAA program that is spawning an exciting season. I-55 North of I-290, the arena offers many different ways to see great Chicago Bull basketball. Bus numbers 19 and 20 are public transportation, as are buses operated by the University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois State University and Illinois University - Chicago.

Chicago Bulls fans can also watch their favorite team during the regular season and playoffs at the United Center. The Bulls are in the Central Division but will get a reprieve for a few years, starting with the 2017-18 season, then from 2021 and then from 2022.

The Chicago Blackhawks defeated Detroit, as did their roommates at the United Center, but the Hawks just need to get over the hump. They have players with similar skill to Chicago, they just have to double what they have with the right song.

I got calls asking me if there was a possibility of going back to Chicago and making another public speech with the Bulls. I told them: "People come to see the lads who play for them, not the opposing team. They said yes, which is all well and good, but make sure the big-time energy comes out when you introduce your players. When we came to L.A. to play the Lakers in the Forum, I would go to the game and say hello and tell them about it.

When I joined the Bulls as a rookie in 1989, everyone in Chicago knew what the sound of Sirius meant, but it wasn't a national phenomenon. Parsons lived in the UK and didn't watch basketball, so he knew the Chicago Bulls were using Sirius for their walk - through the music. It took a few years for the word to take hold, and then a few more years before it spread.

Rodman: It was amazing to see the introduction to both sides as players with the Pistons and then with the Bulls. My goal was to use them for everything they needed to have, not just for music.

The Bulls didn't win a championship, but they played mostly in their local market and behaved like themselves. It was a transitional year for them as one of the few teams in the league that would attract good - big - crowds to Chicago Stadium and the Pistons. Had Isiah Thomas, who was popular because he was from Chicago.

The new Chicago Bulls winger put in impressive numbers after the trade, but it wasn't all bad, as they may have found their new starting wing. The Bulls are going to be the center of the future in 2018, and we'll show you why they did that.

Chicago's players are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a talented star who will lead the Bulls into a new era of excellence, and they are on the right track.

The United Center is truly one of Chicago's largest venues and home to the most successful team in franchise history, the Chicago Bulls. Known for showcasing one of the best players in NBA history, they have had plenty of success since they were founded in 1966. The Bulls were as aggressive as any organization in making the entertainment product of an NBA game as good or better as it was today. This is a new version of them that is just beginning to wreak havoc in the league.

The Bulls went on an historic tear by bringing anyone in their way to their knees, winning three consecutive NBA titles from the 1990-91 season and ending in 1993. The Bulls repeated their championship titles in 1994-95 and 1995-96, becoming the first NBA team to win three consecutive titles - eight in a row since the Boston Celtics between 1959 and 1966.

Chicago reached the finals again in 1997 and 1998, and the Bulls defeated the Utah Jazz to win the NBA title both times. The following season, the team parted ways with Wade and Butler, leading to them winning 14 or fewer games in 2017 - 18 and embarking on a rebuilding drive. In 2016-17, they defeated their stubborn opponents and swept Detroit in the first round of the playoffs to earn a trip to a second consecutive NBA Finals, where they defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in seven games. Milwaukee led by as many as 30 points in Game 7 against the Milwaukee Bucks, while the Bulls lost their third straight game and third in four games against Milwaukee.

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