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s best hotels in the west of the city with our guide to the best hotels in Chicago - surrounding area for you.

Conveniently located within easy reach of Lincoln Park, the hotel is the most central hotel in Antioch. For guests traveling to Chicago, the Kinzie Hotel is one of the best hotels in Chicago - and the surrounding area - for you. Travelers will find this hotel within walking distance of many of Chicago's best restaurants, bars and shops.

Some popular attractions are miles away, including Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago Riverfront Park and many of the city's most popular restaurants and bars. The hotel's Lincoln Park Zoo is the largest zoo in the United States with more than 1,000 animals. If this option is not the right one, you can catch the express train, which includes a train ride to Illinois State Fair, Chicago's largest convention center, as well as many other Chicago attractions.

Hilton Chicago Magnificent Mile Suites welcomes two pets up to 75 lbs for an additional fee of $75 per pet per stay. A pet costs 25 pounds, and two pet sizes are welcome for the additional cost of 150 dollars per stay, plus 50 dollars for a one night stay and 100 dollars for two days. s largest convention center, receives one pet for £25, with no additional charges for 75% of the pet per stay; two dogs for £75 and one dog for £50.

Located within walking distance of Chicago's famous attractions, this hotel has been ranked in the top 10 on our list of the best Western hotels in Chicago, Illinois for its tremendous value. Located in the heart of Lower Downtown, this hotel includes the Grand Hyatt Denver, where guests can play rooftop tennis or stay in one of the luxurious suites. The great views of downtown Chicago and Chicago's Riverfront offer plenty of activities at Navy Pier, as well as restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and shops.

Get a guaranteed low rate for your first night at the Grand Hyatt Chicago, Illinois Best Western Hotel. When you book a night in one of the five-star suites of the hotel, you will receive discounted upgrades, free meals and special discounts on hotel rooms.

Illinois is more than just Chicago, and for the purposes of this site, the River North neighborhood is bounded to the south by the southern branch of the Chicago River, which is straightened to the north branch and bordered to the east by Lake Michigan and Navy Pier. The Grand Hyatt Chicago Illinois Best Western Hotel is located on the north side of Chicago's north side, at the intersection of South Michigan Avenue, North Avenue and North Streeterville Road. To the east, Lake North and Streetville are bounded by both the river and Lake Shore Drive, a major thoroughfare in Chicago.

The Grand Hyatt Chicago Illinois Best Western Hotel is located at the intersection of South Michigan Avenue, North Avenue and North Streeterville Road in the River North neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.

Located in downtown Chicago, it offers 429 rooms, a spa, sauna and fitness center. River North is ranked 37th out of 212 hotels in Chicago and 4th in the 2016 Best Western Hotel Rankings of Chicago Hotels & Resorts. For more information about Chicago hotels, check out the Grand Hyatt Chicago Illinois Best Western hotel list.

A great place to relax in comfort without spending a lot of money, stay close to the lake and feel at home with a great view of the Chicago River and Chicago skyline.

If you drive the 65 Grand from east to west while in downtown Chicago, you can catch a glimpse of the Chicago River, the Chicago skyline and a great view of Lake Michigan from the Grand Hotel.

Designed for business travelers, it offers flexible living and meeting rooms that can be converted to accommodate meetings for up to 12 people. There are only a few reasons to choose the Best Western River North Hotel, but its location in the heart of downtown Chicago will surely delight you. The hotel offers a limited number of free parking spaces and an indoor parking garage with parking for just $5 per car, as well as a free shuttle service to and from the hotel.

The friendly Best Western concierge helps hotel guests make the most of their stay by offering discounted tickets to some of the best attractions and activities in Chicago. For more parking tips for downtown Chicago, check out the front desk, where you can pick up the hotel restaurant guide and see if you can save $20 to $40 a night in hotel parking with bonus tips.

EveryBlock Chicago has some of the best restaurants and bars in the neighborhood, including Chicago Bakeries, a popular restaurant and bar on the city's South Side. Tripadvisor reviews of the bakery in Chicago can be found here, as well as on Yelp, Yelp Chicago and TripAdvisor. The most expensive area in Chicago is the West Loop, home to the University of Illinois at Chicago and Illinois State University.

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