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Get Fit with Free Outdoor Workouts in Chicago, "includes a list of 21 of Chicago's best summer activities, including events, tours and more. Me, "but families and teens can also visit the Chicago Shakespeare Theater and the 2019 Chicago Shakespeare Festival on May 19. This fabulous summer activity will take place on the South Side of Chicago from May 18 to 20, 2019. June 20, 2019 can be a great time to have fun and play with family and friends, as well as a great day out in the park.

Logan Square and the neighborhood in Humboldt Park make this an ideal way to explore Chicago's hippest and most artful corridor. The Wisconsin location offers visitors the opportunity to spend their day in the park or choose from a variety of fun activities, including cycling, hiking and kayaking along the Chicago River. It's free at the Garfield Park Conservatory, which offers a beautiful and historic reprieve west of the Loop.

The annual Freedom Fest is Chicago's Fourth of July event, held on the giant roof of Navy Pier. The whole family can enjoy a whole series of summer festivals and fairs without venturing to Chicago itself, but also be part of the fun.

Summer brings the best in PEDs, including music in Chicago, making the summer solstice a magical experience to be had when the young barely reach cold temperatures. I recommend this as one of my "do free things" because it is a beautiful outdoor concert venue in downtown Chicago and most shows are free. You don't have to buy tickets or follow all upcoming shows, just go to the Chicago Music Festival website for more information.

From day camps to family outings, the top places to visit in Chicago, Illinois are packed with summer vacation planning. See the best things to do in and around Chicago Illinois on TripAdvisor and see what you can see in the Chicago area with our top 10 list of top events in Chicago.

Chicago is one of the capitals of the spring and summer festivals, and exciting sporting events such as the Chicago Bears and Chicago Blackhawks are to be discovered in Chicago. The Chicago Tribune, a local bookstore, newspaper and magazine focused on Chicago culture, is also the best place to look for concert announcements. Activities in and around Chicago include restaurants, restaurants and a list of free activities.

Find fun event ideas and venues in Chicago and plan your schedule in advance with our Events Calendar. Find events and activities in the Chicago suburbs on weekends or find them on your weekend schedule! Find fun event ideas, venues and plans for Chicago in your calendar and plan them for your day or week.

Go to Choose Chicago website and search for free programs, events and activities that take place in city museums, cultural centers and parks. Check out our posts about family-friendly activities in Chicago for a more complete guide. Our top ten are ideal for activities for kids, and this wiki page will provide you with a list of all the great activities and events for kids in the Chicago area. Check out these posts about family-friendly activities in Chicago for more of a full guide.

Check out our list of nearby attractions for free events in the Chicago area, from museums, cultural centers and parks to restaurants and bars.

The reconstruction of the Chicago Riverwalk began in the early 1990s and was eventually completed. If you're visiting Chicago this summer, you might want to grab a swimsuit and catch some rays with the locals on Lake Michigan. Try the seasonal Chicago Pedway Tour while the indoor trail leads through the city.

Chicago is a fantastic place to soak up the sun, enjoy the long days and refresh yourself for your annual summer getaway. Make sure your kids have a great summer with these must-have activities - try ideas for activities in Chicago. Make the most of your trip to Chicago this summer and make it one of the best summers ever for kids and families.

Proximity to Lake Michigan tends to keep Chicago's southern suburbs away from the city's bustling downtown, but they have their fair share of health problems. Chicago Magazine ranked it the healthiest suburb despite the bustling downtown.

Children are drawn to the suburbs of the North Shore, including the surrounding areas of Glencoe and Highland Park. It's also worth noting that the Art Institute of Chicago is open Thursday and Friday until 8 p.m. There is the Botanical Garden Beacon, which offers a variety of outdoor events such as the annual Chicago Botanical Garden Festival and the Illinois State Fair.

This year, the Chicago Cultural Center is hosting its annual Art in the Park Festival, an annual celebration of art, music and culture. Eventful provides a list of events in Chicago as well as links to more information about each event.

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