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The top things to do in Chicago for the first time - time visitors and Chicago Road Trip maps to visit all that Chicago has to offer. We've selected some of the best photos of Chicago and what it has to share.

We have already compiled a list of Chicago's most popular restaurants, bars, hotels and attractions for first-time visitors. There are many great restaurants and bars in Chicago, as well as some of the best bars and restaurants in the city.

If you want to visit one of Chicago's most popular restaurants, bars, hotels and attractions, look for a combined discount on your CityPass. If you plan to visit some of Chicago's most popular attractions, note that many of them charge entrance fees, but are much more affordable with your Chicago Tourist Pass. Go Chicago Card, and if you spend more than a day or two in Chicago, consider purchasing a CityPASS Smart city pass for your destinations.

Free programs, events and activities at city museums, cultural centers and parks are available on the Choose Chicago website. Nearly all museums in Chicago have free admission days, though this is often limited to Illinois residents. Free tours, some of which are popular with families, are offered at the Chicago Museum of Natural History, Illinois State Museum, Chicago Public Library and Cook County Preserve. The museums "websites provide more information about free guided tours and other free events, as well as a list of all free programs and events.

If you're wondering what to see as a Chicago kid, we recommend the Centennial Wheel at Navy Pier. It is a Chicago landmark and there are several other Ferris wheel attractions in the city, including the Chicago Aquarium, Illinois State Museum and Cook County Preserve. While there were a few other things to do at the naval pier, this should definitely be on the list of all tourists.

The natural and man-made beauty of the city, including the magnificent skyline and lake views, make Lincoln Park a recognized attraction in Chicago. There are many ways to explore Chicago's natural beauty, from visiting Lake Michigan to exploring Chicago's beautiful parks to visiting the Chicago Zoo.

Many museums and art galleries in Chicago are paid attractions, but with Chicago CityPASS you can save money. Buy a CityPass and enjoy discounts on admission to Chicago's top attractions or get a discount on some of the top attractions. Many museums offer discounts and free admission for teachers in Illinois, and discounts are offered to teachers in Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan with a valid ID. Chicago History Museum is free for Illinois residents on Tuesdays, Chicago Children's Museum is Many museums, such as the Chicago Museum of Natural History and the Chicago Art Museum, offer discounts for Wisconsin and Indiana, Michigan and teachers.

A Go Chicago Pass includes a 1-day ticket for the classic Hop-Off Big Bus Chicago tour and includes 1 day of free parking at Chicago bus terminal. A GoChicago Pass includes 1-2 day passes to the Big Bus Terminal at Chicago Park and Ride and a $5 discount on all tickets.

A CityPass Chicago includes 1 day of free parking at Park and Ride Chicago and a $5 discount on all tickets. On the way you will see the Chicago skyline, have more than 40 architectural landmarks that will be shown to you as you travel along the three arms of the Chicago River, and have the opportunity to move into Lake Michigan to enjoy spectacular views of the lakefront and Chicago skyline. This free one-day river cruise on the Chicago River is ideal for children under 10 years of age.

The Chicago Traveler points out that the Museum of Science and Industry is one of the most visited museums in the city of Chicago. Located in Lincoln Park, the museum was created for children who enjoy playing and learning on the go. The Mag Mile, as it is sometimes called, also offers views of many Chicago attractions and tourist attractions, including the Chicago River, Chicago Park District and Illinois State Capitol.

Lincoln Park is one of the few places in the city where you can ride a bike past the Chicago River, Chicago Park District and Illinois State Capitol. Explore various neighborhoods of Chicago by taking a ride on the Mag Mile, Lincoln Park and other Chicago attractions along the way.

If you're really ambitious, you can head to the Chicago River and visit Hyde Park, where former President Barack Obama still lives. When you visit the Art Institute of Chicago to see American Gothic, don't forget to see wonderful public art throughout the park. One of Chicago's most memorable attractions is the green canopy on Michigan Avenue, which offers a beautiful view of the Illinois State Capitol and the Illinois River.

From the waterfront, Navy Pier offers sweeping views of the Chicago skyline, which stretches across Lake Michigan. SkyDeck Chicago is located at the top of the Willis Tower, formerly known as Sears Tower. It may not be as high as the Willis Tower skydeck, but at 1,000 feet, the views of Chicago are still breathtaking.

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